These resources are for celebrants, funeral directors and members of the public to use. Please download and share.

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic the Funeral Celebrancy Council has issued these guidelines to support  funeral celebrants, Friday 20th March 2020. Click Here to Download the most recent Guidelines in Response to Coronavirus

Download the full text of The Funeral Celebrant Accord here. Please share it with colleagues, other funeral professionals and anyone who is curious about the role of a funeral celebrant. Click Here to Download The Accord

Adopt The Accord and download ‘I’ve Adopted The Celebrant Accord’ web badge for your website, to show clients and colleagues that you hold yourself, and the celebrants you work with, to the highest standards. Click Here to Adopt The Accord

Download our two simple checklists to help get to know the celebrants you work with and to support best practice. Click Here to Download Working With Celebrants: Points for Excellence

Download The Funeral Celebrant Accord

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Celebrants, Adopt The Accord today.

Download The Accord and Working with Celebrants: Points for Excellence checklists and share with your celebrant colleagues as we work together to support best practice. Share them with friends and family so that they can see what it is that a good celebrant offers, and share with the funeral directors that you work with so that they can appreciate the standards you uphold for your clients. Download the ‘I’ve Adopted The Celebrant Accord’ web badge for your website, to show clients and colleagues that you hold yourself to the highest standards. When you Adopt The Accord, funeral directors and your clients/families will be reassured, and able to check, that you are offering a good service.

Funeral directors, Adopt the Accord today.

Download the ‘I’ve Adopted The Celebrant Accord’ web badge for your website, and share The Accord with the celebrants that you use, and your clients. Please use the Working with Celebrants: Points for Excellence checklists to evaluate new and existing celebrants and to facilitate conversations about best practice. Your clients and families can know that they are being offered only the very best celebrants. Members of the public will be able to download The Accord (or receive it from you) giving them confidence in your referral and support.

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Working with Celebrants: Points for Excellence

The Funeral Celebrancy Council is committed to setting standards for excellence in celebrancy and, in furtherance of this, has created two checklists to assist funeral directors and arrangers and members of the public when working with celebrants.

They are for use by both funeral professionals and celebrants to improve working relationships and promote best practice. Working with Celebrants: Points for Excellence have been developed alongside the Funeral Celebrant Accord.

While not intended to be exhaustive, the lists provide a means of achieving measurable insight into the abilities and calibre of the individual concerned, enabling any issues to be identified and discussed.

Download Guidelines for Funeral Celebrants in Response to Coronavirus

In response to the cononavirus pandemic, and recognising the variety of approaches from funeral directors, crematoria and cemeteries, The Funeral Celebrancy Council has drawn up some guidelines to support celebrants. We recognise the situation is dynamic, and that there may well be a need to update the guidelines as matters progress. Please check this page for updates.

Whilst the majority of celebrants are self-employed, and responsibility for welfare lies solely with the individual, these guidelines are offered as a coherent approach to help protect, not only the health and welfare of the bereaved people we serve, but also fellow professionals, our own families and friends, wider society, and ourselves.


By displaying the ‘I’ve adopted the Celebrancy Accord’ symbol, celebrants are confirming that they are willing to be measured against the attributes and skills defined in the Funeral Celebrant Accord detailed on this page.

Neither use of the Accord symbol nor the downloadable resources implies in any way that the Funeral Celebrancy Council endorses either the individual or the standard of their work and the Funeral Celebrancy Council can not be held responsible for any individual failing to deliver best practice.